M O D E R N É  M A D A M É

Immerse yourself in our latest collection Moderne Madame which captures a refreshing interpretation of Ancient Parisian glamour. Our products are crafted with unique fabrics and styles that are reminiscent of 18th Century Paris on a bold yet luminous colour palette. Each piece plays a role in characterising the story behind this collection to evoke an air of mystery. Hours were spent in creating a level of craftsmanship and detail deserving of our women who are nostalgic of an era that epitomises refined sensibility and surrounded in an age of bold femininity. Moderne Madame expresses a hybrid of these two worlds bringing you pieces that channel the periods glamour; featuring intricate floral brocade prints, flourishing shimmer fabrics, fitted faux-fur and structured silhouettes which all allude to the Victorian influences of the collection and are season transitional for the cooler weather among us. 
Our Campaign unveils the opulence of how our whisper-weight pieces in motion, can be styled and encapsulates the eccentricity of our modern women.